May 29th, 2005


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Hmm.. so I just read Liz's survey, who Jonathan had ganked it from. He left out a question, that I would have loved to answer with a frikkin essay. I won't say what it is. Johnny, you know.

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Yay beach! Slightly sunburnt on shoulders (as always) and no color added to legs, even though I was wearing no sunscreen on them, and I was wearing tanning gel. My legs just want to stay pasty white!
EDIT HOLY HOLY CRAP! I did get burnt! ON MY LEG! the back of my left leg is definitely pink, and you can see the outline of my bathing suit bottom. This is super exciting (but painful to sit)

Hobo's is gone :( Some Hog Wild something barb-b-q took over. They still had icecream, but the best part of HObo's was the atmosphere. All gone :(

On our way out we stopped at our old house on Shoreline Drive. It's for sale. The put in hardwood floors and added a sunroom, it looks very nice.

Hmm. Nothing much else to say. Met some 15-year old ish boys who wanted to play catch with us (with a volleyball Vivi brought). We ended up just letting them use it, not wanting to play with them ourselves.

Quick, morning, fun trip. Hopefully this will cure my cabin fever for atleast a little while, and I won't be itching to go to the beach so much.


Myspace strikes again. Not with crazy "hi i liv in tall i wan meet u" but with an interesting letter.

Collapse ) Uhh... have any of the rest of you guys gotten something like this before?