May 28th, 2005


Bulleted because I can't string together a paragraph right now

  • Vivi's home. She got here last night. Right now My mother, father, and little sister are at Debbie's friend Aniko's Bat MItzvah party and Vivi and I have been hauling millions of books upstairs, moving a dresser, cleaning out stuff, throwing away a ton of stuff (yay!)... and getting stuffed up. Yes, it's time for a break. We also made banana-nut muffins. I don't even like bananas and they actually tasted good. So, yay. Also, since the old curtains don't really go with the new area rug in the living room, Vivi and I were thinking either maroon or cream. She mentioned burlap-colored, so to see how it looked, we hung up a very paint-stained burlap drop cloth. It's meant to be a joke for my parents to see and laugh at, but I'll bet that it will actually stay up there for several days. Nothing seems to be getting done around here very quickly :(
  • Question. Can :( or :) be used as punctuation? Because putting a period after that just looks funny. Or, can the parentheses be used as a "close parentheses" symbol as well, to avoid "))"?
  • Yesterday, I got many many calls throughout the day. Today, like five. Tops. I wonder why it varies so much from day to day.
  • I found Rob's "Teh Funnay" composition book. It has some songs he was working on in there, so I'm going to send it back to him as soon as I can find mailing supplies in all this stuff. Hopefully he'll appreciate it back.
  • Wave to sarahberr05! Yay for drugging, tying down, and making people join livejournal. Or really, just suggesting that they should so that they can read your entries.
  • No beach tomorrow, it seems. Vivi seems to want to stay here and work for whatever reason. I'm upset about that. I really really have been looking forward to going to the beach for a very long time. Got my hopes up that we were actually going tomorrow, and now it doesn't seem likely at all.
  • My filing cabinet that I've been putting off setting up looks insanely complicated. I opened the box today. There are tons of little tiny pieces, and it doesn't look like the directions are very comprehensive, or very good. It better be worth it!