May 19th, 2005


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~ My hair is straight today, and super long. Or atleast, longer than its
been in a long time. I don't think I've had hair this long since 8th grade.
I guess since I usually wear it curly, it seems to grow more slowly, but
today with straightening it I can see all the progress. It's a shame that
soon I need to have my "Rob-haircut" (For those of you who don't know, I
always get a haircut after a breakup-- it's tradition). It will probably
just be a trim, because I'm liking the long hair look. Purty.

~At Ruby Tuesday tonight we sat near a huge table of lesbians. I thought I
saw Tiffani (last name?) from Godby, but I didn't want to stare. No wrong
impressions here. But seriously, there were like 20 of them. Originally I
thought it may have been a softball team or something, but there's no way
that an ENTIRE softball team would be lesbionic... so this must have been
some sort of lesbo-club. Maybe an FSU thing.

~I can't seem to download the latest Desperate Housewives, or the latest
Apprentice. They are zip files, but they won't unzip, and its making me go

~My mom tried on one of my dresses to see if it would be okay for her to
wear to one of Deb's friends Bat-Mitzvah parties.

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Help! All my friends are Star Wars nerds!

Seriously, you guys... What vibe is it that I'm giving off that attracts you people to me, and vice versa? I myself am not a Star Wars fan (I'm not against it, I'm just not into it either), yet somehow like half my friends list saw it at midnight last night, and another third of you are seeing it today.. So that means that a mere 1/6 of you are what.. .normal? Or just too cheap, and waiting for it to come out on video? ;)

So, uh, speaking of geeky... When HBP comes out (July 16) they're holding a party at Barnes & Noble-- but does anyone want to do an afterparty? I'd be willing to hold off on reading the book for a few hours if someone wants to host one (Unfortunately I can't, it's the downside of frikkin living with your parents).

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I hate raisin bran, and I hate whole milk, but I'm looking past both those things as I eat my cereal, because its a miracle that someone finally went grocery shopping! Between all the construction, my mom being out of town for a conference and then leaving to go to Maryland for a week (visiting Matthew and Kalina)... well, we haven't gotten too many "normal" things done.

Oh, remember how I said before that we didn't have a sink yet? Well, we do. We did then, too. What I thought was a white plastic "this is where the sink will go" thing turned out to be the actual sink-- and not plastic at all. It's super-ugly, but seamless... so that's cool. Yay for having running water.

Currently I'm (well, writing an LJ entry) doing all Deborah's invitations. Printing out addresses on envelopes (this took well over two hours, and I only had addresses for about haf the people), stuffing envelopes, cutting reply cards, putting stamps on, printing reply envelopes. It's amazing that my mother can leave town so guiltlessly and leave me to do all the work. I can't ask Deborah.. because it's her Bat-Mitzvah, her huge thing, and she's prepared so much for it I hate to ask her to help with the invitations.. and I can't ask my dad, because he's busy doing things like getting running water back in our house, and other necessary things.

Ew. I really do hate raisin bran. Why people eat sweet cereal is beyond me. The milk is sugary and gross, and the soppy pieces of bran remind me distinctly of vomit. I think I'm done with this now.

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Whoa. Lots of crazy unable-to-spell people on myspace! Wanting me to friend them?

Is that how the world works now? One person writes, "yo how r u doin i wanten 2 kno" and the other writes back, "Hey, cool, I want to be your friend!"

At the risk of sounding like Cher, "I don't think so!

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pandora48sch (Sara) has big news. I get to find out tomorrow at noon. I'm excited.

What else? Didn't go out at all today. Stayed home and worked on Deb's invitations (for about eight hours) -- which by the way, I barely got a thank you for-- and then I got resentment when I asked her to get all of the extra stuff out of my room. It's rough being a big sister. It will hopefully be worth it when I get to throw candy in her face after her Haftorah.*

I need more clothes like whoa. Firstly because I need more business-like attire for my Americorps service, and secondly because all of my clothing is too big. Maybe it was the borderline anorexia when I didn't eat for awhile after the break-up that made me lose weight, but I've kept it off pretty well. Hard manual labor (moving furniture, etc)+ no groceries + forgetting to eat (that's always been a problem of mine) have made me lose more than ten pounds since Gainesville. I think after another ten more I'll try to stay that weight. I eat fairly healthfully and get pretty regular exercise, so if I stay healthy and happen to lose more than another ten pounds, it won't be the end of the world, but I'd rather stay more curvy. Besides, I think I'd look freaky if I was any smaller than that.

My mom left me a little bit of money, which is nice. Since I don't know exactly when my job is going to start, I can't get another job, and it's pretty awful not having ANY money and always having to ask for money for gas, or other essential items. I can't wait till I have my own money come mid-June at my first paycheck.

Any other random thoughts? Not really. Just being anti-social and generally upset at today's events. And the non-neighbor Chris keeps calling me. Like four times a day. He's not seeming to get the picture. Why do girls always have to spell it out?

*After the Bar or Bat Mitzvah recites their Haftorah (and then the blessings afterwards) it is the tradition in my and many other synagogues to "shower" the person with sweetness-- generally a few pieces of candy in a pretty mesh bag or something. Then all the little kids run up and collect all the bags. Of course, MATTHEW, no one is supposed to actually HIT the Bat-Mitzvah girl. ::Feels to see if she still has a bruise::