May 17th, 2005


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As I was driving down Croydon, I saw what I thought was a little old guy on
an old-guy-scooter. I was about to ask him if he needed help, when I
realized it was a 20 something college student, on a
20-something-college-student scooter.

I kind of smiled, and then continued down the road to my house. Got out of
the car, debating whether I should walk up there and say hi, when the
scooter came down the hill (person on top of course). Nice guy, even if he
did seem a little.. tipsy, and not too incredibly smart, either. I was right
that he was an FSU student. We talked for a bit. He ended up asking me for
my number-- I think that's seriously the first time that has EVER happened..
I ended up giving it to him, too. Just a few days ago I was thinking that
there were college students nearby, and that now that I was that age too,
that I should meet them, and then poof, it happens. Again, he didn't seem so
incredibly smart, but maybe it's time for me to stop judging a book by its

His name was Chris, I think, and he offered to come over to help move stuff
tomorrow. I don't know if that will pan out, but I guess I'll see. He knew
Beck Selmon... who I know from.. Astoria Park... Griffin? Where? I don't
remember. I'm thinking 4th and 5th grade. Anyway, apparently Beck used to
live in that house with him as well, and is now in the Navy!

La de da.


(written a little after midnight, lets see when I finally get to post it)

from Matthew/slashdot

Two guys walk into a bar. The bartender says to the first, "What can I get for you?"


"And you?" asks the bartender.

"I'll have an H20, too."

The second guy died.

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Oh, and Chris called. He wanted to hang out, but I was busy doing Deb's invitation addresses. He said he'd call me tonight and come hang out with me and whoever was with me.

Sooo.. girls.. lets get together (yeah yeah yeah).

Deb's got a band concert at 7, but after that I'm free... Pockets?

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So, the "neighbor" (as I found out, he isn't actually a neighbor, he just has friends in the neighborhood, but I'm still calling him that) came over a little after ten... I'm glad, because I had been trying to reach him to tell him I wasn't going to Pockets. Anyway, we went for a walk. Just talked. He was being a little too touchy feely for my likes at some times, but it was generally okay. Nice person. He kept telling me how awesome I was. Always nice to hear.. the first five hundred times. But sheesh. Anyway, we had some good conversations.. about life, about people we knew in common... even about Latin (he took it for one year)!

Out of ten stars, I rate him a four. Cool enough to hang out with occasionally, but not date-worthy, and miles away from friend -worthy.