May 12th, 2005


From tevarin

When young David was asked by his father to say the evening prayer, he realized he didn't have his head covered. . . so he asked his little brother Henry to rest a hand on his head until prayers were over. Henry grew impatient after a few minutes and removed his hand. The father said, "This is important . . . put your hand back on his head!" - to which Henry exclaimed, "What, am I my brother's kipah?"


Bye bye Anthony Federov.

I guess my list now goes: Vonzelle, Carrie...........Bo. Or shall I call him Harold?

Speaking of addicting but bad TV, anyone want to invite me over for Joey/Will and Grace/The Apprentice tonight? We still don't have the living room back together again, and therefore no TV. Plus, no computers are set back up, so I can't download the episodes.

Stupid Indira's cousin having a baby making her go out of town!

I miss DBBD. I totally want to climb on things. I guess DBBD isn't needed for that, but its so much fun when he's there!

Oh, and our deck looks fantabulous. As soon as the rest of our house is put back together, I totally want to hold a barbeque.

I think tonight should be a Seanifacita-Saruda Christisha-Melaquisha night. Just the three of us, since Indira's out of town. But the three of us used to have such great Latin fun together (by which I mean taking about Paden's hotness, not diagramming sentences).

This user icon is technically from a Latin event. I think it was memorial day last year, at some fast food place on our way out of St. Augustine.

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