May 10th, 2005


Home Improvement

I worked for-freaking ever (well frm 9:30 am to almost seven pm) on painting yesterday. I took two breaks: One to go to Lowe's to get an edger for around the ceiling, and one to pick up the dogs from Oakwood (where they were being boarded). In all that time, we only got the living room done, which is quite the sad. I guess most of the time it was just me and my dad working, and he was doing the ceiling (white, not light blue like the rest of the room!) so I did most of the walls. My mom helpwed me with the walls though, and my dad did some too. My arms hurt from all the craziness, especially since most of the time all the blood was draining out of them (as I was painting up high).

And today, MORE! Except NO help from my mom (she left for a conference in Orlando this morning) and of course no help from Deb (she's staying at a friends house while my mom is out of town, because with everything going on, it's easier if someone else takes her to school.

The Actual improvements on the house:

We'll start with floors, since they are DONE. They aren't as light as they were when we went to go check on them. I guess they put another layer of the moisture-cured urethane on the. They're still lighter than they used to be though. The floors look very pretty, fairly shiny (though not too much) and much better than they used to.

The deck: All of the top deck and most of the lower deck are finished being floored. They still have to put in handrails all around, and steps, and finish a few boards on the lower deck. Everything looks really good, except they kept some of our old wood (the wood that was stilll in good shape) and one of the main pole things coming off the deck is much much uglier than the others. I hope it won't be as noticable when they are finished. Also, I understand that this is their "construction site" but DUDE. These guys do NOT need to leave empty bottles, cigarette butts, and other trash in our backyard.

The counters: Taken off, put back on after the area was measured. Now our sink is freaking duct-taped in. Still no stove, and we can't get to the oven becuase there's a very large stereo/trophy cabinet/bookshelf thing in front of it. I expect the new counters will be coming in about a week or so.

The painting: This should have been done BEFORE we the floors were done. We wouldn't have had to be soooo darn careful about the tiniest spill on the new hardwood. But it's too late now, I suppose. Our living room is officially light blue ("soar") with white trim. After it was done yesterday, my dad said he didn't like it... which I hope doesn't mean he wants to repaint it a new color today.. but the color is very pretty. Very light, airy, relaxing. The doors are still white (but repainted), the molding around the floor is white, around the doors are white, and the jail area (the bars) are white. If you've been in my house, you may have some idea what I'm talking about.

Now, how do I make improvements on my family? They are driving me craaaazy. For once it's not even Deborah (and it's not Matthew or Vivi). It's just the PARENTS. I understand that I'm living with them (my Americorps living allowance will hardly allow a move-out) but I am still twenty years old. Not 15. Not even 18. 20, and been living on my own for three years. Suddenly I'm living under "their roof" and it's awfully hard to take. This is on top of the fact that they're irritable because of all the money we're spending on this, the Bat Mitzvah, Camp Ramah, etc.

I can't wait to finish painting MY room (possibly going to work on it today), move my furniture up, buy a new desk (my dad brought my old one back to Staples because he didn't like that it was too wide to fit into/out of my room), and stop living out of a duffle bag.

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Atlas died

Yes, I shouldn't be reading Rob's journal. I know.

Atlas, a Greek tortoise, supposed to live 150 years, has died. Rob got him when he graduated from college, I believe. We used to say that, "we better have grandkids who would like tortoises because he was going to outlive both of us."

So how on earth did he die? I used to feed him every day. I'm hoping that Rob didn't forget to do that. Recently Rob said that he was hibernating. Maybe he came out of hibernation and Rob didn't notice? I'm not saying it was Rob's fault at all, it's just weird that the turtle lived 1/30th of his lifespan.