November 3rd, 2004


Election. You knew it was coming.

I voted for Kerry and I stand by that vote- America needed a major makeover, and I voted for Kerry so that plan could be implemented... but we're not going to get it. Remember all those things Kerry said? Remember when we, the middle class, weren't going to have our taxes raised? Remember when gay marriage was going to be left up to the states? Remember when we were going to have someone intelligent in office, someone who didn't just want to bomb everything they saw, no matter what the cost? With Bush as President, our country is going to suck. For that, I'm glad I voted, because I earned my American right to complain. And with Bush runningthe white house, driving America towards chaos, destruction, and the right wing, you can bet I'm going to exercise that right.

I'm proud of Kerry for admirably conceding. Al Gore left me with a bitter taste in my mouth after the 2000 election was over, I'm glad we aren't going to witness that here. I think Kerry put up a wonderful fight against the incumbent, and I'm glad the issues are now out. However, the results of this election have left me with two options:

1) Get into politics, so I can do something to change the world, in a wonderful way (Environmental lobbyist? Or maybe I'll start as a teacher, to change children in a wonderful way)

2) Get the heck out of the US.

I think it will be the first one. As tempting as it sounds to leave the country, I'd rather face the problems ahead rather than run from them. And with a Republican house, senate, and president, problems are surely ahead.

So I leave you with hopes of the future, that us Democrats have to look forward to.

2008 primaries, and this should be a hard one...

Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton? (or do you think Obama will wait another presidential term to even try?)

And then assuming Obama doesn't run, Hillary Clinton or John McCain?

I think after Bush, our future can only be bright. The problem is, he;s stripping jobs out the wazoo, and thats exactly what I'm going to need in the next four years.. a real job. And education. And my sister needs education, and my older siblings need jobs, and my great aunts and uncles need social security...

For anyone who voted for Bush on my friends list, you're not only hurting yourself. You're not only hurting the country. You're hurting your friends. Your individual friends. You're hurting the air you breathe, and you're hurting the air they breathe. You're saying "no, I don't need a job or money" and deciding your friends don't need that as well. I can't believe you.