Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I was pretty sure that my hot tub was going to be a high-cost table, considering the expense of electricians and plumbers. Lucky for me, I returned a cleaner to REC Warehouse today, and (apparently) I bought an extended warranty! So my hot tub should be up and running at no cost to me by next week.

My phone software is however corrupted, so my phone doesn't work at all. Lucky me. I called about it, they said go to the Verizon store, I went to the store, they said they couldn't do it and that I had to do it at home. I feel like I spent hours on a wild goose chase. I am not happy with Verizon right now. Oh, and they claim I lost a phone and want to charge me $429.99 for it. Ugh. But I want a Droid.

My new windows are almost finished. They are now usable but not yet pretty (they won't be until after Christmas, actually). I need to get some window treatments for them. I also now want to extend my fenceline and get some wooden fence so that people can't (as easily) get near my new windows. I definitely do not have $200 to spare, but might buy myself a present with my tax refund in a month.

My back porch just needs to be tiled, now. It's been chiseled, sanded, puttied, sanded, puttied, sanded, puttied, swept, sanded, puttied.... and so on. Now it's been painted with two layers of sealing paint, and is ready to have some flooring put in. It was supposed to be done today, but Lina is sick, so Matthew is with her at Patients First. So it'll be done tomorrow, hopefully.

Merry Christmas Eve and stuff. I'll do my part tomorrow, and eat some Chinese Food and go to the movies.
Tags: family, finance, holiday, house, kalina, matthew, sammie

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