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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

School/career/grad school

I took a CLEP test today. I passed it. Now I won't have to take my English elective, since I just got credit for AML1000. Barely, but I did. 53/100. Passing is 50. Whatever.

Now I'm trying to take the Computer and Information Systems CLEP, and ironically, the CLEP server isn't working and the IT guy can't reboot unless there aren't any other test takers. And there's one. He should be done soon. He's being slow. His test ends at 2:35 at the latest. Hurry up, skeeze.

Assuming I pass this next CLEP, I'm going to minor in Computer Science. Way more interesting to me than Sociology or Psychology,

Which makes this my schedule for the fall:

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I'll need two more minor courses, which I will take in the spring. I'll also need another Advanced Workshop, and I think another 4000 level class. And then I'll be done. Wheeeeee.

Grad blabber, since I have time

I've pretty much decided to do the Masters in Library and Information Science.
I'll probably end up doing a track in General Librarianship or more likely, Reference Services. The entire thing is 36 hours, which I figure is two-ish years of grad courses. The general courses seem interesting, the tracks seem awesome, and I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do. Look at me, making decisions!

I am going to apply to a few other programs as back-ups, but I think this is my definite first choice.
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