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DevaCurl - for the first time

So my DevaCurl system came in the mail yesterday, and I tried it out today. This is the system that Vivi's friend Raquel uses that made me ogle her hair all weekend in Atlanta.

I showered at noon and my hair is still wet, possibly because I only dried it with paper towels, as instructed.

It was weird using the No-Poo because it doesn't lather at ALL, so it didn't feel like my hair was getting as clean. They say to massage it into your scalp and I tried but could barely tell if I was.

The One Condition feels like regular conditioner. I used their method of first putting it on the ends and working my way up to the scalp. For super dry hair, DevaCurl suggests to leave a little bit in, but I didn't see my hair as quite THAT parched, and washed it all out.

Then I dried it with a paper towel, and then another. My hair was still quite wet, but towels are THE DEVIL to hair, so I wanted to be very cautious.

An-Gell is just like any other curl gel, and I did it the way they suggested, which happens to be the same way I always do it. Flip my head over and scrunch nicely, lifting my hair up to my scalp.

Then Set-it-Free, which is a moisture lock spray, and then, DON'T TOUCH. One of the major lessons of DevaCurl is not to touch your hair as it dries

I'm not sure if its necessarily the product, but my curls are definitely staying together better, and there's a noticeable lack of frizz.

My hair also looks flatter, but possobly only because its not dry yet.

Will keep you posted. If anyone wants to try this you can get the samples for $19 (as opposed to $30) at


Six hours after showering, my hair is definitely dry and definitely gorgeous. The curls are soft but hold together well within the curl itself. I "unlocked" the curls after they were dry with the "Set-it-Free" as suggested, but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary, it didn't seem to change much (not in that moment, anyway)

The kit with the four trial size bottles: No-Poo, One Condition, An-Gell, and Set-it-Free.

Three and a half hours after showering, its still wet:
Doesn't look particularly special, just flat.
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After shaking (but no touching!)
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Almost fully dry (and in better light):

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After "unlocking":

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