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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Family for thought

Happy Birthday to my mommy, who turned 57 today-- Thursday, anyway-- the 25th.

I spent a better part of this evening talking about my family tree with my mom. I am going to make a digital version of pretty much anyone I can possibly find out about or remember. Does anyone know of any particularly good family-tree software?

I found out some things that I didn't know before. Apparently Tante Brucha had about a billion kids, for one. I also learned about baseball minor-leaguer David Exter, my grandpa's cousin's husband, and figured out where Weil (the one that the Engineering building at UF) fits into my family. I heard for the first time about Gilbert Levin, my dad's grandfather's nephew, who invited left-handed sugar - a forerunner of Splenda. I also learned things I had heard a million times, and I like them more each time -- about how my grandmother (b. 1917) was begged to go to grad school, but couldn't afford it, and how impressive and odd it was for her to even have a bachelors degree. About how when H.L. Mencken talks about the "damn Jews down the street" -- that's us.

I have such a wonderful and interesting family. As I learn and finish more I will post more. I just want to make sure I can get as many stories as I possibly can while there are still people around to get them from.

I'd like to get a couple of things accomplished this summer:
- begin to digitize a family tree, with every connected person possible, and with any stories and information that my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, or anyone else can remember.
- talk to my Great Aunt Sylvia (dad's side) about my dad's father's other siblings, who I never knew about or met (are any alive besides her? what are all of their names? is she in contact?)
- find out NAMES if nothing else of my mom's great grandparents on her mom's side -- we know none :(

I'm excited about this :):)

My maternal grandparents, known to me as "Grandma" and "Grandpa"
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