Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

My feet are wet

You can take my subject line in two different ways:

One, "I've gotten my feet wet" with regard to Europe, Rome, traveling, etc., and;

Two, My feet are wet. Today it has been raining alll day long. Rain tends to affect my mood, as does being around lots of cramped wet people. We listened to the Pope's New Years Mass in St Peter's basilica, and then listened as he spoke out of his window to all of us, under masses of umbrellas (which I did not have). Then we walked through lots of puddles, took lots of trains with lots of wet people on them, and I haven't even changed my socks yet.

We leave Italy tomorrow morning, our flight to Paris is at 10:20. We spend approximately 24 hours there, and then we fly home. I'm not sure of the exact plan of how I get home from Atlanta, but here's hoping its as soon as possible. I have a bunch of school stuff to get ready... And I really miss work. I keep thinking of things I need to do.

This trip has been amazing but I'm just about ready to go home. I miss everyone, especially Padfoot, and I need some solid time of not carrying around a 35 lb backpack constantly.

If this post is anything besides upbeat, sorry! What I meant to say is that Iàm having an incredible time in this incredible city!
Tags: europe, rome
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