Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Yodelay Hee Hoo

The Sound of Music tour was fun, but not what I expected. On our walk to see the Mozart house earlier in the day, we passed by a fountain that looked familiar, and it's the one from "Do-Re-Mi!" Thank goodness I've seen the movie 500 times and could recognize it!

On the actual tour we didn't get to go to as many places as I'd hoped, but we did get to see the gazebo (which has been moved), the building used for the scenes in the back of the house, and the building used for the front of the house (though, from very far away, and while driving in the bus). We also went through the mountains to a little town nearby where the the church is where the wedding took place. We actually got to go inside and see everything, it was incredible. In this little town we also saw snow! My very first falling snow! Vivi and I also saw ourselves running, as we somehow lost the bus. We ended up running through the town, and were the last people on (only ten minutes late...) and everyone clapped. YAY US!

This evening we walked around Salzburg, ate schnitzel, and didn't yodel (too much). I went ice skating and didn't fall, even though the ice was very choppy. Tomorrow I go skiing. Let's hope that goes as well. No broken bones allowed, Vivi and I promised ourselves.

Tomorrow night, we leave for Venice!

Oh, I intend to get an entire ziploc bag full of dirt from Rome. That's not too illegal, right?
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