Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Now on to Part II

Today was a nice, calmer day. We went to Doorwerth, the castle that Stacy's straat is named after. The castle is big and beautiful and full of history, though it's no longer like it was in the middle ages, since people lived there till the 1800s. In the evening we made latkes for Stacy Roy and Ben, lit the menorah, and opened Chanukah gifts (thanks, mom and Deb, for our handwarmers!). We are going to go to sleep pretty early tonight. it's about 8 pm right now and we're about to finish packing and then fall into bed.

Vivi and I are leaving Nijmegen really early in the morning. We have to leave Stacy's house by 5. We'll then go to the train station, and leave Nijmegen, switch trains in Utrecht, and arrive at Schiphol (the airport). We leave the airport at 9 am, and then we're off to Prague! Seth isn't meeting us at the airport, so we just get to be completely reliant on our charm and non-Czech skills to get us all the way from the airport, through like 3 trains, all the way to Seth's apartment. It's terrifying, especially since Seth said that Czechs hate people who smile. So we're going to be unenthusiastic tourists, as much as we can. I'm really looking forward to the Jewish history in Prague, in particular.
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