Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello from the Blue Ridge Mountains! We had a looong trip up here, and had points in time where we were moving 20 miles every two hours. Rarely ever a complete stop, just having times where it was sooo slow it was ridiculous. I guess that's what we get for traveling on the most-traveled day of the year. We got here though and played some interesting games. Blurt, which wasn't great for our family (too easy? I'm not sure what the problem was), and an odd game made by Trivial Pursuit called "In Pursuit" which had very odd and strange rules we decided not to follow. Good questions, though.

As some of you may have gathered by my facebook status, we actually saw a BEAR yesterday. Like, a real one, black, about two feet high, and fairly thick. Scampering across the street as we pulled up to the cabin. It disappeared too quickly for me to take a picture, and believe me, if I run across a bear while hiking today, I won't take a picture of that either. Actually, I will if they are as prevalent as Deborah seems to think, "There are 400 for bears for every 100 square feet." I imagine that'd be easy to take a picture of, just, you know, from a distance. I'd also imagine it only happens with very eccentric people who collect stuffed teddy bears.

Sunday may have been my birthday, but today is Melissa's Birthday, Observed (Familial). What does this mean? Most years, it means two days of the Happy Birthday Song. All years, it means that the Happy Birthday song is sung when pumpkin pie is near. This year, it means mommy said Matthew wasn't allowed to give me my birthday present yesterday, because it wasn't my birthday yet.

I am supposed to be doing homework. I skipped class on Tuesday so I need to write a review of a Creative Non-Fiction book. I'm thinking Magical Thinking. I also need to find out which essays I need to read to discuss next week. Isn't class great?

Next semester I'm signed up for LIT2020 - "The Short Story" as an English elective and ENL4372 - "Modern British Lit" (after 1800). This summer I took classes full-time and I went crazy, so I only took one class this fall. I'm looking for a happy medium.

I'm leaving this entry public. I haven't made a newsy public post in awhile.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!
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