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Light The Night

Dear Friends and Family,

This isn't scripted. I didn't copy it off a webpage, it's not a form letter. This is Melissa, freestyle.

Everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer. Me, I know several. There was my grandmother who battled breast cancer and passed away, my Uncle Rick and Aunt Janet who battled cancer and chemo together, but were split into different worlds as my Uncle Rick passed away. There is my Aunt Robin who battled a blood cancer, and has been in remission for years There's a teacher from high school with throat cancer. And how about my friend Austin, who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma just a few years ago, and beat it bravely and with humor. And there are so many others who I probably never even knew had cancer.

The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society funds blood cancer research, including new and innovate ideas on how to beat not only blood cancer, but all cancers. They fund scientists and doctors as they come up with new drugs like Gleevec, the first cancer pill, which has not only helped in the research of blood cancer, but has been proven an effective treatment against brain cancer as well. In addition to funding research, the LLS also donates funds to those unable to meet their prescription drug costs, and helps pass bills that should have existed long ago.

Imagine you're 20 years old and you've just been diagnosed with cancer. You're a sophomore at a university and have health insurance through your parents. Suddenly you're in and out of the hospital, in pain from harsh chemotherapy, and some days completely unable to function. You're off to have treatments in Houston for months at a time, and it's not possible for you to go to school. But wait! If you're not a full-time student, you're no longer covered by your parents health insurance, and everything, EVERYTHING must be out of pocket. Many people try to struggle through school at this point to maintain their health insurance and by doing so weaken themselves even more, or mess up their academic record beyond repair. The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society helped pass a bill that gives students a full year off while still maintaining their health insurance that they absolutely need at this critical time in their lives.

My company, Elbit Systems of America, has put forth their effort to support the LLS as much as we possibly can. I will be walking in the Light The Night walk on October 30th to show my support, honor, and remembrance for those who were able to beat the cancer they were diagnosed with, and those who did not have the adequate research or funding available to fight, or whose bodies were unable to conquer their cancers. I'm also fighting for those who haven't yet been diagnosed. Our Executive Administrative Assistant has a daughter who was diagnosed when she was 23. That's 23. 23. 23 years old. I'm 23. That's me. That could be tomorrow. She wasn't able to make it, after months and months of chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplants, and bills totaling almost $3 million dollars.

When people say "every little bit helps" they aren't lying (just look how much money Obama has raised through $25 donations). I don't even need $25. Do you have $5? $10? What would it cost you? An impulse purchase in line at Publix? Some chapstick? Would you even miss it? Maybe you would. Would you miss your friends and relatives more?

Please help me out and make a donation. Whatever you can afford, you will know that you are helping to make a difference. Locals, if you can, come walk with me and show your support. You can sign up online using the link below. The registration is at 5:30 on October 30th, and the walk is 2 miles and starts at 7:30 p.m. This is a family affair, with activities for children, so please bring them along. Show your support in whatever way you can.

Please forward this e-mail to anyone I may have forgotten, or anyone you think could possibly donate a few hours of time, or a few dollars. Send to co-workers, friends, family, teachers, accountants, hairstylists, neighbors, synagogue or church members, and anyone else you can think of.

Please visit my donation page for Light The Night:


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