Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Love to all.

I was looking through my entries and noticed that I hadn't posted anything publicly in awhile.

Maybe my life is simply not as public as it used to be, or I'm talking about more sensitive subjects. Maybe due to lack of time I'm compiling ideas into less posts, and can't differentiate between the public and friends-only entries. Who knows.

School is good. Another two A's this semester, it looks like. One is certain, the other has 3 more weeks before I'll know for good. I haven't gotten anything less than an A on anything in that class, though, so unless I completely bomb my Rogerian paper, I'm good.

(In other news, I have to write a Rogerian paper. Meaning, I have to be unbiased, show both sides of an issue, and work toward a compromise. I much prefer the argument and persuasion papers where I convince people to give me my way)

Work is better than good. I'm very busy but no longer overwhelmed (not often, anyway). I'm growing more confident in the tasks set forth, and most of the hysteria and huge problems have ceased. Some might even say we're down to dull roar.

Love is good. Rob and I are good. We've had some pretty heavy discussions recently, but it's worked out for the better. Looking forward to a 4 day weekend soon!

Life is good. Working on my house, tearing down ugly flowered bathroom wallpaper soon, probably going with a sea green or light blue paint. State Latin Forum is ... tomorrow. This will be my tenth year. X. Wow. I'm chaperoning Lincoln and should have a grand old time.
Tags: english, house, life, livejournal, public, rob, school, scl, state latin forum, travel, work

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