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Harry Potter Latin Test

Sara pandora48sch, Andrea anditut and I wrote a Harry Potter Latin Test for the "Mystery Test" at State Latin Forum 2003.

The task of writing the Mystery Test has since been taken over by JCL officers, but because our test ROCKED, we're hardcore HP fans, and now ALL of the books are out, we'd like to update the awesomeness with some new questions from books 5, 6, & 7.

If you happen to be a Latin/Rome/Greece/Classical/Myth nerd and have ideas for some questions, we'd love to hear them. The final questions will be multiple choice with four answers, and will be from all skill levels. See examples of a few questions under The Cut.

5. Suppose Percy’s messenger owl, Hermes, were to kill the ever watchful Argus Filch. What epithet might Hermes receive for this deed?

A Dendrites
B Argeiphontes
C Polydegmon
D Filchonius

11. Madame Maxime, being part giant is unusually large, as can be inferred from her name. From what second declension adjective does the superlative form maximus come, and what is the comparative of that adjective?

A Malus, Maior
B Magnus, Magnor
C Magnus, Maior
D Malus, Peior

17. The Deletrius charm makes things disappear. What is the Latin word is this taken from?

A delenio
B delectatio
C deleo
D delego

18. Sirius Black goes to Azkaban prison for "murdering" thirteen Muggles and Peter Pettigrew. As a consolation, Peter's mother is given his finger and the knowledge that he was given Order of Merlin, First Class. Had he died in Rome, an Imagines would have been made to commemorate his life and achievements. Where would this mask most likely be displayed in the home of his descendants?

A Atrium
B Vestibulum
C Triclinium
D Peristylium

24. Witches and Wizards will typically infuse their wands with a magical core such as a phoenix feather or a unicorn hair. Hermes, however, preferred to entwine his wand with two snakes. What was the name of this staff?

A Tabellum
B Calceus
C Caduceus
D Hilaria

29. Albus Dumbledore prides himself on his long, full, white beard. Which emperor was the first Roman to wear a full beard and make it popular?

A Nero
B Hadrian
C Antoninus Pius
D Augustus

33. Albus Dumbledore is regarded by the majority of the wizarding community to be one of the greatest wizards of all time. He is considered to be a genius, but he knows how he can best serve, which he proved by turning down the Minister of Magic position he was offered. Which famous Roman also turned down a chance at kingship because he knew he could serve better where he was?

A Marcus Lepidus
B Cataline
C Gaius Pompeius
D Julius Caesar

34. We don’t know exactly when Hogwarts was founded. Professor Binns supposes it was founded in 1189 A D. What year ab urbe condita does this correspond to?

A 1902 AUC
B 1853 AUC
C 1942 AUC
D 1869 AUC

39. Passwords to enter the Gryffindor tower at Hogwarts are sometimes funny, phrases such as “wattlebird” or “oddsbodikins.” What Julio-Claudian emperor would be most likely to have “kiss me sweetie” as a password at the Palace gates?

A Claudius
B Caligula
C Nero
D Tiberius

44. Ludo Bagman is the head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports. Knowing this, why is his name so appropriate?

A Bagmere is a verb that means to participate in the Olympics
B Bagmerus was the head of sports during the Roman Republic
C Ludo means to head a counsel in Latin
D Ludo means play in Latin

45. Vernon Dursley is the head of the Dursley family. In Roman times, what power given to the pater familias would he have that would have allowed him to kill Harry when he arrived on the doorstep, thus saving Vernon years of hardship?

A Mos Maiorum
B Patria potestas
C Pater caedes
D Lex Scantinia
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