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In support of palm hearts

Palm Hearts

My favorite food was originally a mistake. I'm so glad that the palm hearts are right next to artichoke hearts, though. And I'm glad I don't pay attention while I'm shopping.

About a year ago I got addicted. I bought them, and decided to try em out. I've made several of my friends eat them since. I will put them on salads and such, and people will think I'm normal.

What they don't know, is when I'm alone, I'll open up a can and eat them like pickles.

Imagine an artichoke heart, but without the crappy mushy texture. Instead it's cylindrical, smooth and more firm/dense, with the very inside so silky it's like a cream filling. It's delicious and addicting, not to mention fun.

I'd say 6-8 come in a can, for a total of about 3 servings and about 75 calories total. Not a lot of carbs, and it has protein and calcium. They're slightly expensive for an afternoon snack, but totally worth it at approximately $3 a can.
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