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Jen, the fiance and baby mama of my gloriously awesome friend Bobby, turned 21 yesterday! She had planned to celebrate this weekend, but they went out last night too and needed a last minute baby-sitter. Sooo me and Savannah had great fun. Only one of us spit up, and only one of us needed a diaper change. I suppose that's good news. She was an absolute angel. And a hardcore burper. That kid can really let one out.

I got paid for baby-sitting, which was refused twice and ridiculously unnecessary. So Jen's getting more for her birthday now. What do 21 year old girls like? I forget... I just know I don't want to get her something for her baby. I bet she's darn sick of that.

I was watching Idol last night. I've decided I really love the second-to-last guy (Daydream guy with the dreads) and the last guy (the Australian one). I also like David Archuleta (the young one with the vocal issue from a few years back) but I didn't get to see him. And I didn't vote at all. Tonight, the girls! Here's for getting out of class early, though it's getting DVRd anyway.

Speaking of class, I took my next test in my Western Civ class last night. Fairly sure I knocked out another high A. (EDIT: I got 100)


I love Obama, and it seems like the rest of the country is following suit. 10 straight victories! I am proud to be a supporter of such a fantastic candidate. I am hungry for a change.


Feb. 21st, 2008 03:16 pm (UTC)
haha. i just feel like if it's obama v. mccain....obama would win anyway. just because a lot of conservatives don't agree with mccain and would either vote third-party or write-in...or not vote at all. or vote for obama if they were really delusional. hehe kidding.

i hate to say it but i'm going to write in thompson. that's one reason it really, really sucks to not have a candidate you want to vote for. it's like, on one hand, i could vote for mccain. that would give obama or hillary less of a chance of winning. but on the other hand...i just can't stomach voting for mccain when i just do not agree with him. my conscience would drive me crazy for the next four years if i did that, lol.

if i had my way i wouldn't vote at all but i want to be able to bitch during the next four years so i'm gonna. :-)
Feb. 21st, 2008 03:17 pm (UTC)
I love your last sentence and agree with it so freaking much. And totally respect you for it.

Thanks for writing in Thompson :)


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