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Whatchoo fall down for?

Thursday (V-Day) was amazing. As shown, I was serenaded by a Barbershop quartet. It was incredibly embarrassing. I love that kind of embarrassing.

That night we saw Chris Botti, who was ah-mazing of course. I got my parents tickets, too. The evening was slightly spoiled by my dad, who decided not to come at the last minute, because I was seeing it with someone not Jewish. Argh.

Friday I had errands all day. I had planned to get up really early and get it all done, and that soooo didn't happen. I got a bunch done, though. I spent about three hours in my yard, raking and bagging leaves. Haven't planted anything yet, and I'll probably wait till it gets warmer.. but I feel much better. Cleaner. Freer.

Saturday, I finally got Bob completely fixed. Took several hours, but we visited Tires Plus and then Saturn, and he's all better. I'm really glad. He looked weird missing a hubcap and having a messed up rim. I had Capital Auto Parts in Thomasville deliver my rim to Tires Plus, so now at Tires Plus they refer to me as "The Girl With The Rim." I'm really glad they didn't talk about the work they had to do on my car or insert the word "job" anywhere in there.

After I left Saturn, I went over to my parents house and did crosswords for awhile with my mom. I'm starting to notice patterns and ideas, and expanding my vocab and knowledge in general. I'm a little addicted now. Once a week or so we'll spend a couple hours doing puzzles together. We each start with one, then we trade, and then we trade back. We'll also randomly ask questions to each other when we think they might know the answer.

Saturday evening, Deborah came over to my house, as did her friend Sarah. We went to bed around 9 pm and woke up at 3 am fooooor YOM DISNEY.

All the girls wanted to drive down together, so they rode in the van with my other driver (one of the fathers), and I drove down in Bob with the other chaperon, Alan. I've known Alan since he was born (he just turned 20). Anyway, he rode with me, and we had some great discussions. He'll probably be my "male chaperon" (required for overnight or out-of-town functions when there are males present) for a few more things. We had one particular discussion about rollercoasters that led to a debate as to where The Hulk was located. You can see the outcome of that here.

I can't say MGM is my favorite park. Not even close. The first thing we saw was Drew Carey's something something and it was Haval al'Hazman. As in, a waste of time. I love the Rockin Rollercoaster, though, and I was happy to go on Tower of Terror. Especially since there was an adorable old couple nearby that we made conversation with. They were HARDCOREDISNEY. 70 year olds riding Tower of Terror four times in a row? I'm impressed. There were a couple more interesting things, but .. wait, no, I lied. There weren't.

The one thing I did like was the Indiana Jones stunt show, but I only got to see half because it was interrupted by Shmira (staff) duty (which ended up being pretty much a joke).

The kids did well, ate only cold dairy, and saw camp friends and got to hang out. A success, methinks.

We had heard warnings of inclement weather but luckily got none at the park or the drive home. I got back and it started to storm. This morning when I woke up it was rainy and gross outside.

I've quoted two different books in this entry. Who knows which ones?
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