Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Snap Back To Reality

Israel feels like it was a dream. I was suddenly placed -nay, pushed back to the "American Dream." My own job to work at. My own house to clean. My own dogs to walk. My own bills to pay.

Real life is overrated. Where are the simple joys of no responsibilities, merely waking up at 5 am to sit on a sweaty bus and climb a couple of mountains daily?

Now that I've finally got a moment at work (I've been playing catch-up since I got back) I can actually talk about what I'm up to.

This past weekend was much needed. I think I'm finally back on schedule for waking up and going to bed on Eastern Standard Time. I went back to work on Friday (after waking at 3 am), sunk my feet into my job duties. It was great that I went back on Friday, because I desperately needed a weekend.

Unfortunately, Saturday morning I woke up (at 4:30 am) with an earache and feeling pretty miserable. I still wanted to go to the Bat Mitzvah at my synagogue, so I suffered through it. Everyone loved Debbie's new tallit, so yay! And then after that I still wanted to go shopping with my mom and sister, so I suffered through it. And then I needed sleep, because it was something like 3 am for me.

Sunday I had USY. We're preparing for Yom Disney at MGM on February 17th. So I spent some time at the synagogue preparing for that. Sunday afternoon I went home to try to get some things done (laundryyy) and felt so miserable that I went over to my parents house to eat their leftover chicken soup and just be around people.

Bills suck. In order to give myself a little more spending $$ in Israel, I decided to not pay my mortgage on the exact second it was due. Now, because of how long it will take for Wachovia to transfer $$ (tuition reimbursement) to ING Direct, I'm going to have to pay a $25 late fee. Luckily it won't show up on my credit report or anything like that unless I'm 30 days late. I called four times to verify this. Yes, because I am THAT ANAL about my credit report.

I have class on Wednesday. This seems like its going to be extraordinarily sucky, but its a class I have to take, and I may as well get it over with.

This weekend I'm driving down to Daytona to spend a much needed weekend at the beach. I've got four days that I plan to utilize doing nothing. Hopefully it'll be everything I dream it will be.

I miss my friends. I've got tonight and tomorrow night open. Let's do something.

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