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packing list

Packing List

What should you bring with you on a trip to Israel?
Here's a packing list filled with great suggestions. Also be sure to check
with your Trip Organizer to see if you need to bring anything specific to
your trip. A good hint: If you can't lift it yourself, then you've got too
much stuff in your bag. Remember -- it will only get heavier once you buy
gifts and souvenirs!

What kind of weather should you expect?
It can get as cold as 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) in Israel during the winter.
Rain or even snow can be expected in Jerusalem. The weather in Israel during
the summer months (May - August) is generally sunny and hot. Regardless of
the time of year, bring clothing that is informal and that you can wear in
layers. You can expect several days of outdoor activities, a few nights out
on the town and most likely one night camping (in the Bedouin tents). You
may also spend time inside museums, archaeological sites or shopping
centers. While you are unlikely to be able to change outfits in a hotel room
during the day, you will be able to leave clothes or other items on the bus
so that you can layer as needed.
3 pants (for hiking, going out at night) (6 in winter)
1 athletic pants/camping clothes
1 Sweatshirt/ Sweater/ Fleece (4 in Winter)
2 Long-sleeve shirts (8 in Winter)
6 Short-sleeve shirts (10 in summer)
3 Shorts (1 in winter)
1 Bathing suit
2 Button-down shirts / Long skirts for Shabbat
1 Towel (for swimming outside of Hotels)
Raincoat/ anorak/ poncho
Jacket (depending on the date and location of your trip, you might need to
bring a heavy jacket. if you're going to Jerusalem during the dead of
winter, you'll need a winter coat. Preferably a rainproof one.)
Gloves -- Gore Tex (or anything waterproof)
Hiking boots (or sturdy sneakers)
Sneakers or walking shoes (With traction for wet surfaces, and with straps
or laces)

Miscellaneous and Selected Items
Toiletries (deodorant, toothbrush, shampoo, razors, etc.) and prescription
medicines (store in your carry-on)
Travel Alarm clock
Flashlight (mini)
Camera, watch
Baseball cap/ hats (required on summer hikes)
Day bag (purse, backpack, money belt, etc.)
Power adapter plugs (same as Europe)

Shabbat Shalom!
We recommend that you bring modest clothing (skirts covering to the knees
for women, head coverings for men, and shirts covering shoulders for both
men and women) to wear for Shabbat and for visiting religious areas and
sites. (A jacket and tie are not necessary.) Please make sure your Shabbat
clothes are warm (either the A/C will be cranked up where services are held
and/or your walk back to the hotel will be chilly).

Money, ATMs and Tips
The currency in Israel is the shekel (or New Israel Shekel NIS). Since you
will only be responsible for casual meals (one per day max), you will only
need enough shekels for those meals, snacks, tips and any shopping you may
wish to do. Please refer questions regarding tips (for the guides and bus
drivers) and the suggested amount (in dollars) to your Trip Organizer. ATMs
in Israel dispense shekels from your ATM cards. ATMs can be found in the
airport and throughout the bigger cities you visit. Credit cards are widely
accepted in shops and restaurants (except in the casual food stands and
outdoor markets you might visit).

And if you forget anything, don't panic. You can purchase whatever you might
need in Israel!
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