Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Mommy and baby are doing great.

Pierce Charlie Leon Baker was born at 11:23 pm (23:23! and also my birthday... ish)

He had APGAR scores of 8 and then 9.

I don't know height and weight yet, they hadn't done it yet by midnight or so when I left.

I stayed in the room. Sara was seriously fantastic. No yelling or screaming. Definite visible discomfort, but she was like an old pro.

Soon after the kid was born I turned very pale and got quite queasy. They gave me orange juice, rubbing alcohol to sniff, and a barf bag, which luckily I didn't have to use.

More news as I get it.

(In the morning)

Night, kids!


7 lbs 8 oz
19.25 inches long
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