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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

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“It is currently 35 degrees outside and I am currently wearing flip flops. This is because I have been saying, I am also wearing leggings underneath my pants though. So, it kinda makes up for a little bit of the insanity but yesterday I was so cold. So today I made myself at least wear something as a little bit, you know like hey it's winter but yeah 35 degrees is like really super cold for Florida for all you like New York people that are just laughing ha ha you this 35 is cold, try negative 7, I don't care 35 is freezing and I'm a Florida girl and I love it, the freezing weather and that fact that I'm a Florida girl, I do like the cold weather. Especially if it warms up just like maybe 10 degrees. Can I have 10, 10 degrees? That would be good. Ok I'm going, I'm too cold to talk.”

Auto-Transcribed Voice Post

*I am so not fixing the auto-transcription. It's a little hilarious.

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