Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Matthew and Kalina were supposed to fly in today, and get here around 5.

His flight was delayed to 5:40.

And then to 9:52.

And then to not at all.

Apparently the fog is really bad in Tallahassee, so they can't fly in here. They left and then turned around and went back. They wouldn't put him up in Memphis (where his connecting flight was), and he's got a three year old with him.

So apparently he's flying in to Panama City. Where we have to go pick him up.

Gee, fun. Ontop of that, he doesn't have a carseat with him. Anyone have a carseat we can borrow that'll fit a three year old? We just need it for about 6 hours.
Tags: kalina, matthew, travel
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