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First night of Chanukah

If anyone has the wrong impression, I do love Chanukah. My resentment toward the holiday is purely commercial and I definitely enjoy the Chanukah holiday for what it is. My problem is that it's so over-hyped and people view it was a *major* holiday because it's close to Christmas. For what it is (a great story of Jewish strength against oppression) it's still a wonderful and amazing holiday.

Last night before class I went over to my parents house to light candles/open presents with the family+. Now, tonight, family+ not only included newish family friend David Snyder, but family+ tonight included long time friends the Hilfsteins! Not the parents, who both live in NY, but the children-- Delia, who lives in Tallahassee and has a husband and a 2 year old, and David, who is in the process of moving from NYC to Israel (for eight months, but it looks like its going to be for good). It was really great to see them, especially David, who I hadn't seen in about 2 years, and haven't actually talked to much since he left for college. I got a grudge against him off my chest regarding a comment he made about gay men regarding our old math teacher. He sincerely apologized and I harbor no more grudges.

Here we are:

120407_1826a.jpg, originally uploaded by thisgirliknow4.

We lit candles and opened presents. I got oven mitts and potholders from my parents. They're a pretty brown with a striped design. <3. I also got a Star of David keychain and dreidel from Delia. Deb opened a giftcard I gave her. My dad opened a shirt he bought himself. We gave out gelt.

Delia left to get Taylor home to sleep, and then we played Apples to Apples. In the game, at the end, people look at the cards they have won and it supposedly describes that person. I won the first game but didn't take a picture of my cards which included both voilent and playful. Hey, wanna play with some knives? These were my cards midway through the second game. I was hiding "normal." Notice the awesome Chanukah tablecloth in the background.

120407_2159.jpg, originally uploaded by thisgirliknow4.

It got to be close to midnight, and Delia apparently fell asleep. I hgave David a ride home, and we forgot at the time that he had no key. And then we get there and Delia's not awake, and not answering her phone, or the door. The garage door was slightly open, and he got in through that way:

120507_0010.jpg, originally uploaded by thisgirliknow4.

Fun night. We'll be doing candles at 10 pm tonight after I get out of class. Thursday night is a Chabad thing at the mall that I'm *not* going to, Friday night is the latke bar at the synagogue, and then we've got Chanukah parties Saturday night.


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Dec. 6th, 2007 05:28 am (UTC)
Wow, David really grew up; I didn't recognize him.
Dec. 6th, 2007 12:21 pm (UTC)
yep-- crazy, huh.
Dec. 7th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
i hear you about the hanukkah thing. too over-commercialized (kinda like christmas). and it's all about being politically correct. some people (ahemdemocratsahem) are like "OH! if you're christian and you celebrate christmas and you say merry christmas YOU'RE LEAVING JEWISH PEOPLE OUT!" so it's like, to not hurt your guys' feelings, they're making hanukkah into a major holiday. i think that's belittling to jewish people. it's like "we're only making your holiday important (read: commercialized) because christmas is around the same time." it doesn't make sense to me, because rosh hashanah (i believe) is one of your major holidays (rosh hashanah:jewish people - christmas:christian people right?...haha love the analogies) but for whatever reason...."they" don't commercialize it ("they" meaning the ones who think christmas is so offensive to everyone else...), so in my opinion, i think that's even MORE offensive to jewish people--saying "well, your major holiday isn't good enough for us to pay attention to, because it's not close enough to OUR major holiday." i know i'm probably making NO sense because my thoughts are all over the place--but am i right, in some weird not-making-sense way??
Dec. 7th, 2007 04:54 pm (UTC)
Rosh Hashanah is also completely different. It's the celebration of the new year, but it's also more solemn (in sins, transgressions, etc).

I'm all about the merry christmas. and you totally make sense.
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