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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.


LiveJournal was bought again.

  • Bobby and Jen are parents. I met Bobby when I was seven, in third grade. And now he has a kid. He's a father.
  • Had a great weekend with Rob. We keep having amazing weekends, and it's great :) He has a new addiction to How I Met Your Mother. I am proud. He bought a new webcam, so we can talk at night and actually see each other. We
  • We tried all new restaurants this weekend, it was a fun dice roll, and they all ended up being pretty good. A 50's style diner. [missing one here] Oh, and we tried Pei Wei, which turns out to be a subsidiary of P.F. Chang's. mmm. A locally owned breakfast joint named "Carol's Place" with lots of old people who just came back from church, and a strange waitress. And also a German restaurant, where they had latkes on the menu.

Right now I just feel exhausted. Lots of driving this weekend, lots of things to do at work today. Visiting Bobby at lunch, finishing my project for my health class this evening. Chanukah starts tomorrow night. Here's my upcoming schedule.

7a-5p: work
(break for lunch to meet Savannah!)
5:15p-?: finish project, practice presentation
?: Presents for Chanukah-- MUST go shopping
?: Must also go shopping for canned goods/ extra credit for Health

7a-5p: work
(break to finish presentation and/or chanukah shopping, depending on what I didn't finish)
5:15p-6:40p: Chanukah celebrations with the family/Hilfsteins
7p-10p: Class:presentations/project due

7a-5p: work
5:15p-6:40p: Chanukah celebrations with fam
7p-10p: Class

7a-5p: work
5:15p-6p: Chanukah celebrations with fam
6:30p: Company Holiday Party

6p: Synagogue Chanukah Latke party

Before 6p: Finish USY Chanukah party details
6p: USY then Robinson's Chanukah party

Ugh. I don't know what's going on with USY. The kids aren't motivated and I lack the extreme motivation to GET them motivated. I'll do the paperwork and get them on their trips and such, but sheesh. There's not much chance of more meetings if they keep ditching out like this.
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