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Thanksgiving in the Mountains 2007

Hope you kids enjoyed my pictures. I'll be uploading the rest (from my *real*) camera to my facebook page tonight, and I'll link that here.

The ride there was occupied by new forms of previous car games. We played something now dubbed "the verb game" where a person says a verb, and the next person says a verb that starts with the last letter of the previous verb. It goes around in a circle, and if you're REALLY awesome, you can try to make all of yours end in "E" therefore making mommy's all START with "E." Genius. We later played this as "the adjective game" and "the preposition game." There aren't enough prepositions for that game, by the way.

The weekend was mostly fun. We stayed in Blairsville, GA, which is about two hours away from Atlanta, and about two seconds away from North Carolina, in beautiful mountains. The fall colors were really astonishingly bright and beautiful. I found myself staring outside the window at the trees in their varying states.

We picked up Matthew at the Atlanta airport shortly before 1pm, got in around 3 something and started cooking dinner pretty much right away.

The cabin was nice but NOT as advertised. The alleged satellite tv didn't work, which my dad kept complaining about since he wanted to watch the FSU/UF game. The big problem, though, was the lack of beds. Two double beds in the picture, and claimed on the site, were in fact two twin beds. NOT OKAY. So we were cramped and people sleeping on sofas, blow-up beds not working, etc. Plus the blender was broken and they didn't have a coffee pot.

We did get some good time together, though. Thanksgiving was festive and full of food, Alan metahoss and I celebrated our birthdays with Gryffindor cake proudly displaying "230" -- 23 for me and 30 for him. I got a new digital camera from my parents,a great battery charger from Matthew, the book The Golden Compass from Alan, Vivi got me a beautiful journal to record my Israel trip, shekelim, a contribution to my plane ticket, and a pouch she got from Israel. Deborah (although we didn't have it with us) got me a brand new toaster oven, and GOSH I needed it. And dude, this one is digital. Awesome.

Sara sent me a video of my dogs, too. I was really happy to see Padfoot and Jack, so that was also a really great present. I missed Padfoot, especially.

That night, the "kids" (Matthew, Vivi, Alan, Melissa, Deborah) had a bonfire that night and got some away-from-the-parents time around the fire with hot chocolate and Bailey's mint irish creme. Like Matthew said in his entry, we learned that it wasn't flammable.

I felt pretty bad on Saturday, being pretty upset that people had brought computers. Problem is, if people bring computers, everyone wants to be able to check their e-mail. I want to be able to check MY e-mail. I guess I thought without them, or only for specific purposes (directions, etc) it'd be better, and we'd spend more time together. I wish I just hadn't gotten online at all, so I wouldn't have missed it. I spent part of that day sleeping off the crankiness.

I also learned a new non-car game, the Picture-Story game, which is fun and should be played often, if not instead of than certainly in addition to Cranium.

We went to the flea market later on Saturday, and I got the most awesome rings ever. I'm pretty positive I posted a picture of them. I have four. Two are technically Deb's but I'm borrowing them.

The ride back was okay for the first part (until we dropped Vivi off with Alan and then Matthew off at the airport). The second part, which included lots of bumper to bumper traffic on I-75 was miserable. I tried to sleep through part of this, but it was hard. We drove for awhile in mostly silence, mad at the traffic that was keeping us stuck there so long. We finally got onto a back route and headed home. A few hours away, we started playing fun car games again, and my mom officially now knows her presidents in order. Is that an achievement or what? As a side note, knowing that Hoover likes icecream does not help one who does not know Andrew Hoover, in remembering that Herbert Hoover was the 31st president.

I tried to recall all the amendments in order, too, but ended up forgetting 7, 11, 12, 17, 23, 24, and 25. Not incredibly shabby, and as I told myself later, "they're the stupid ones anyway." Then we sang songs, playing a "humdinger" sort of game where one person hums, except after someone figures out the song, everyone just starts singing it. We played that for a bit until my dad kept reminiscing about songs that no one else had heard of. Apparently he's going to burn me a CD with some stuff I just HAVE to listen to.

We got home right around 11, I helped unpack the car, drove home, and sadly, the first thing I did was sweep. My babies brought in a LOT of dirt. I also have to do some other cleaning, which I'll be doing tonight, along with my extra credit for my government class, and watching ANTM from last Wednesday (and maybe a few other things I missed also).

Next week I have a presentation in my health class and the week after that I have exams in both classes. I will be SO glad when this semester is over, and am definitely not upping my course load to 3. I'm debating whether to even have two classes. I'm not sure if I'm cut out to be constantly exhausted and overwhelmed/overworked.
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