Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

T minus 2 days till the big 2-3. T minus 16 hours till the roadtrip begins!

I am getting a little bit super excited about Thanksgiving, specifically seeing my siblings and getting to spend a fun packed four days together.

I'm sitting at Kia's desk so she can go to lunch. She's stuck here till 5 and I was allowed to be gone at 2. So now I'm just sitting doing nothing, and getting paid even MORE money for it. ROCK.

Sara brought by my birthday present. She knows of my intense fear of bridges, so she bought me a flashlight that is also an emergency flashlight (lights up all in red), a seatbelt cutter, a window smasher, and magnetic. It's going in my glove compartment asap. Maybe now I won't be so scared to fall through a bridge. At least Voldemort is dead, so I don't have to worry about him collapsing any more. So yayyy. I also got Harry Potter card #2. Do you guys know me or what.

Sara's also doing me the HUGE favor of feeding Padfoot and Jack while I'm away. When she stopped by earlier, I gave her my only key to my house. I have to run to my parents house to pick up a key so I can actually get in so I can pack and stuff.

Deborah is likely getting me a toaster oven. And seriously, that means she knows me too. It was hard thinking up any semblance of a wishlist, because I have very few "wants" and several "needs." A toaster oven is hardly something for which you tear wrapping paper with vigor, but I do really need a new one. I also want sod. Heh. And money towards a plane ticket. I feel so mundane. Why can't I want a hot pink car?

This will likely be my last LJ post before I am sans-computer for many days. I am reachable by cell. Just in case anyone doesn't have this and needs me: 850-766-2313. I enjoy texts ;) Also, any facebook messages go to my phone, so I'm able to be reached that way as well.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I bid thee adieu.
Tags: birthday, dad, deborah, holiday, matthew, mom, presents, sara, thanksgiving, trikia, vivi
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