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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

icon explanation

Stolen from masterific who stole from tepes.

If you reply to my post, I'll pick out 5 of your icons of my choosing, and then you get to explain in your own LJ why you have them on your journal. Fun right?

Here are the ones masterific chose for me:

Food Art! I suppose the obsession started on a trip to St. Augustine with SCL, Memorial Day 2003. Andrea and I were eating chicken fingers at a small little local restaurant. We had gotten a little bored with the group and were a little bit away at our own table. To amuse ourselves, we started playing with our food. Or rather, I did. Of course, Andrea had always asked me, "Didn't your mother teach you not to play with your food?" and as someone who made shredded wheat into birds nests and learned shapes with grilled cheese sandwiches, I could honestly say no. We had barbeque sauce and honey mustard, and of course ketchup, salt and pepper. These became the building blocks of pretty much all food art for me, and when I have chicken fingers, I can't bear to not make pretty pictures. Although, the Food Art obsession has become more of a Sara-and-Melissa thing than an Andrea-and-Melissa thing, especially after summer 2003 after Sara and I worked at Village Inn what with all the fun syrup colors. This particular picture looks like honey mustard and barbeque sauce, though I can't determine what the white is.

This is a very evident inside joke to anyone who watches American Idol. This girl, whose name is Ashley, I believe, was very star-stricken by Idol and especially Sanjaya. She was shown several times during Sanjaya's performance. (Youtube link to performance). The crying girl then became a bit famous, as Sanjaya hugged her. Of course, Sanjaya himself was a joke.

I uploaded this icon when I was having weird feelings this summer with regard to an ex. I think I stole it off my coworker's myspace layout. I had been looking at her page and it just seemed to fit the way I felt at the time.

One of my favorite icons ever! This icon was made by pandora48sch with words and pictures from the Jerry The Frog productions, may they rest in peace. The idea behind the Jerry The Frog Productions was to have a shorter, puppet version of the lines in the movie. Kind of like m15m. This scene is from when Hagrid finds Harry in Knockturn Alley, and mocks the way that Hagrid sounds fishy when he says he's only down there to buy "erm, flesh-eating slug repellent"

I'm obsessed with Friends, and this is one of my favorite episodes. Ross is forlorn about being with Rachel, and Phoebe encourages him by saying that they are meant to be, and that lobsters mate for life. She shows this to Ross by using her hands to mimic the claws of the old lobsters, walking around the tank together. Later, Ross says to Rachel that he's not worried because they're lobsters. She doesn't get it, and Phoebe says "show the claws!" or something. It's hilarious. When Ross and Rachel finally do end up together at the end of the episode, Phoebe says, "I told you so! Lobsters!" though it is surprisingly not mentioned at the end of the series. Anyway, I uploaded this icon when Rob and I were getting back together.
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