Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

let's go o-uuuuuut tonight

Work was... work. I got a nice break midday when I actually decided to leave for lunch with Da Crew. I hadn't been out with my boys in awhile, and it was nice.

After work I stopped by the rents house to print something out quickly and steal a waffle. My parents are finally going to sell me my car, so I'm excited. I should get credit for being awesome and paying everything on time, not to mention, it'll just be cool.

My dinner was that very waffle and a small chili from Wendy's. Hint: If you do not eat red meat, do not eat red meat. Hint: if your stomach hurts, do not eat new food. Hint: If you choose to eat a new food that is also red meat, don't get it from Wendy's. Ugh. Bad idea.

My midterm was fine. I was pretty stressed about it so I'm quite glad that it's over. I'm dead sure on about 80% of the questions and made educated guesses on the rest, and there was one that I just found out that I definitely got wrong. I'll probably end up with a low A or high B. But that's okay, because my papers are going to kick butt and the final will be easier than the midterm. Plus, the professor likes me because I'm not an idiot. So that's cool. I'm still hoping for a curve though she's basically already put the kibosh on that.

After the midterm, which took me all of half an hour, I walked outside and saw the most gorgeous night time sky, the picture doesn't even begin to give it justice.

And of course, after that, I drove to the hospital, returned a few phone calls on the way, saw my oh-so-favorite security guard, and went to see my new baby boy-- as in, Sabrina's newborn son. And Sabrina of course. We talked and swaddled and one of us spit up a few times. You can guess who, but if you guessed me, you'd be wrong. And it wasn't Babs either.

Now I'm home and working on my journal project for Government class while it's in my head. I have the urge to start an Obama support group for Tally (none exist that I can find) but the realistic side of me knows I don't have time.

Tomorrow night, Godby Homecoming! Which reminds me, I can't forget my flute/picc and jeans, and sneakers. I'm going to have to change right after work. I'll buy the current Godby shirt once I get to the field. I'm pretty sure the theme is 007.

After I finish this segment that I'm working on, I'm going to bed. Night, kids.
Tags: class, exam, godby, government, liam, music, sabrina

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