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This is the first Halloween that I've actually lived in a neighborhood. Apartments that lack children aren't really a place to trick-or-treat... but now I live in a house, in a neighborhood, complete with kids bicycling on weekends.

I have class on Halloween. From 7 pm till 10 pm-- prime trick-or-treating time. As a child, Halloween was a pretty big part of my life. I loved it. The only time of year I got to eat candy, the fun sorting methods, the groups of friends.

I really disliked the houses who left their lights off and had no candy. They seemed mean and I used to scowl over the next year as I passed their houses when biking or rollerblading down the street. Moreso, I hated the kids who took all the candy from the bowl that the nice owner left out for EVERYONE.

So how do I do this? Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I want kids to have the experience. Do I be one of those mean people who doesn't put out candy at all? Do I skip class and stay home to hand out treats, dressed as a witch? Do I leave a bowl out and facilitate someone's future crimes, while leaving other children disappointed that they missed out?

There's no winning situation. Thoughts and suggestions?

Indira the gymnast, Sarah T the Native American, and me the witch, Halloween 93.
It's weird looking at this picture and thinking about how much has changed. The trophy bookcase is still in the same place, but lacking the record player, and having MANY more trophies. The carpet was ripped up in 1996-97ish because Vivi's cat Snowy peed on it, and we found hard wood underneath. The walls were painted blue in 2005. The lamps stuck around for a long time, got new shades, and then disappeared a few years ago. The grey chair still exists but was reupholstered and now is a more blue-grey, and less comfy. The curtains were replaced many years ago with blue and white flowered ones, and different lace, and then again in 2005 with bright red curtains. The pink tupperware cup was in the sink one day when I put a hot pot or pan on top of it and melted the side, and we continued to drink out of that cup and its counterparts for years, they've all disappeared now. I wish I knew what happened to the sofa, it left sometime when I was in Gainesville, I miss it. The gypsy skirts I wore as part of my witch costume were used as skirts, nun's habits, and other costumes used in basement plays and playing house. Sarah T and I lost touch, became friends again in middle school, lost touch again, became friends again in high school, and now are only facebook friends. Indira and I are no longer friends, after 18 years of best friendship. I still have the "st nds" counterpart of the "be frie" necklace she's wearing in the picture.

I bet that's the same witch hat that my mom still uses.
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