Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.


I'm either mean, overly-truthful, or have very life-like dreams in my sleep.

Tonight I'm seeing Order of the Phoenix. pandora48sch won't answer her phone, so I have no idea when she plans to get there. I need to go home and change (into my Dumbledore's Woman Through and Through shirt), but then I'm ready. I suppose I can waste time at the mall if needed, but I'd rather go galavanting into the theater with the posse and start singing Harry and the Potters songs or bombard ourselves with HP Trivia. Sara, if you read this, do you have the cards you stole from that board game?

I'm going to see OotP another unexpected time with an extremely unexpected person, but I'm happy about it. 'Bout time.

Wednesday I'm meeting with an advisor. I'm going to get my degree in Nutrition this year (see: before December 08). Almost definitely. Amazing how my life plans can change in an instant. At least I now have a goal, right?

Who do I take with me on my vacation? I have had lots of offerings of friends-as-life-partners. But most of them wouldn't be able to come anyway, have other obligations, or are pregnant. Wait, take it back. THE ONLY REASON IS THAT EVERYONE IS PREGNANT. Except me, of course, and pretty please lets keep it that way *stays away from the water*. And I'm not going to go jump waves alone, and you silly baby-carriers won't get into the water. Sigh.

My hair has toned down. I straightened it for fun last night. When it's straight I have stripes. When it's curly the stripes aren't so bad.

I have a new LJ friend, but apparently we've had the same friends for years. Say hi to star (who, by the way, WINS on the "who has the oldest journal" contest)

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