Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

general cleanliness

Naps are fantastic. After yesterday's made-up non drama, I really needed one. So I slept pretty much from 6 pm or so until 9 something. Tried to go back to bed at 10 something but ended up reading for several hours, as I couldn't fall asleep. Partially because I had just taken a nap, and partially because of...

ROACHES! I am disgusted by this. I don't leave food out, everything is nice and clean, and yet yesterday I saw (and killed) no less than three alive roaches, and saw another two or three dead ones. So today I'm calling Capelouto and complaining, because I just paid $104 to start my pest control, and my problem continues to exist. I know it's not their fault that the previous owner was a slob, and had roach parties-- but I'm paying them to get rid of my bugs, and I have seen no difference. If all they can do is tell me to get roach bait, then you can bet that's what I'm doing at lunch today. Getting those black thingies of roach bait for around my house. Because really... gross. It's just gross.

(8:05 am: I just spoke with Capelouto, they'll be doing another roach treatment tomorrow)

Tonight my mommy is meeting me at my old apartment to help clean. I may stop by my house to pick up some cleaning products, and then we're going to scrub the old place. It's not too incredibly bad, the worst-looking part is the Padfoot-haired carpet, which will actually be fixed quite easily. And I have to get the stuff out of my second closet, which I somehow keep forgetting about when I go over to that side of town. I miss my dresses! I have to be out completely by Friday, so if we don't finish tomorrow, I'll probably be going back on Thursday to do the last of it.

I'll miss that apartment. My new landlord (me...) is not nearly as nice or awesome as my old one.
Tags: apartment, house

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