Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Israeli music concert

Last night's Klezmer concert was... well, it was nice background music. Not something to get up and dance to (although many did the Hora at one point). I found it more interesting to play Tetris on my phone, honestly. I find that slightly sad, but less so when I realize I was humming along with most of the music, and singing along to Bashana Haba'ah... which I don't think many people recognized.

I also decided that all Israelis sound the same to me. I'm sure all Americans look the same to them, and there's racial profiling all around ("no, he's five feet taller than Raju, bigger than Raju, has a different face than Raju... he's just Indian... not Raju") but I've fallen into it with the Israelis. They all sound like the Chabad rabbi, which is not a good association for me.

On the way there, we had had to turn around a bunch (dad, your sense of direction is phenomenal) and I was feeling really sick fo the first part of the meal/concert. The food was good, though. I had gazpacho, which I thought I would like but didn't, and then stuck to crackers with brie-- always fantastic. Mostly I just lied down on the Snoopy Blanket (yes, the word blanket should capitalized, because it is part of the title of the Snoopy Blanket) with Deborah, played Tetris, and waited for it to be over.
Tags: food, judaism, music

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