Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

other house things

I signed up to get the Tallahassee Democrat for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
for $1.07/week. I'm a homeowner so I should get the paper. Plus I got free
magnets. What an incentive for signing up!

I also started my Capelouto [ pest control ] contract today. I do not want
to find any more roaches. They're doing an inside roach-specific treatment
on Wednesday, and a one-hour outside treatment and a one-hour inside
treatment sometime next week (I'm waiting for the guy to call back with the
availability). The service cost isn't that bad. $104 to start and then $59
every two months, in a year contract. I figure it's worth it to not have
bugs, because those dead roaches darn sure freaked me out. Oh, and I get a
Capelouto present for signing up too, but it's a surprise. I like surprises.

I have spent so much money lately. I still have so much I need to buy (hot
tub, for one) and I feel like I'm not going to be able to afford to do
everything I want to, therefore, I have somewhat interesting news.

For two months, I'm going to have a roommate. I have a friend who needs a
place to stay, and he's going to live with me for a bit. He's in the process
of getting a job, but the place he's been staying for the last year has
weekly rent and he just lost his job and is afraid he won't get paid in time
to continue on there. After he gets the job, he'll be either moving back or
looking for somewhere else to live.

The bottom line is that he'll be out August 1st. Honestly, I don't mind
giving him a place to stay for the next two month. The money will be nice
(the amount I'm charging him is less than half of what he's been paying
monthly, but it's still something). He'll likely be moving in on Wednesday.

I have a couple more reasons for not wanting him to stay longer. After a
recent experience, I am not in the mood to be mooched off of. Not that he
would do that, but I really don't want him to get into that. I don't deserve
it. The other one is just that I want this place to be mine. I bought it
for ME. I enjoy living alone and being able to walk around naked. And the
other one is because... well, I want a particular someone to stay over, and
often. I already feel a little bit bad and guilty about this, and I REALLY
don't want it to be a cause of stress in my relationship. I hate that good
deeds have consequences.

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