Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Happy 2 months to me and Jon <2

Yesterday I bought pretty bedding. And an under-cabinet wine glass
rack (which I installed myself). And a shower curtain rod (which I installed
myself). And a corner shower shelf thing (which I installed myself).

Padfoot won't go through the doggy door. We're going to practice on that. He
doesn't seem to like the backyard or appreciate the whole "I BOUGHT THIS FOR
YOU" thing.

I slept in my new house last night. I liked it. I woke up several times
though, to the sound of Padfoot on my floors. I don't think it'll happen
every night, but last night I think he was confused and scared, and he kept
stretching out his paws and scratching.

I took my first shower there last night, too. I'm not impressed with the
water pressure. Anyone know of an easy test or way to find out what the
problem is on that?

I love having something to set things on beside my bed. Nightstands are
important, yo!

I got to work in eight minutes. Very different from thirty. Boo-ya.

Still to bring from old apt: hangers, desk, computer
Still to buy: thing for under ac door, duct vent thing for sunroom, dresser
Still to do: hang up clothing in closet, set up sunroom/office, get rid of
lots and lots o' boxes
Still to have done: cement guy to come out, hot tub guy to come out

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