Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I thought this might be worth reposting

My favorite color is pink.
My favorite number is 4.
My favorite day of the week is Saturday.
My favorite muppet is Padfoot.
My favorite fruit is the California navel orange.
My favorite flower is the callalily.
My favorite restaurant is California Chicken Grill.
My favorite painter is Dali.
My favorite season is Autumn.
My favorite holiday is Passover.

I like hurricanes, especially when we lose electricity. I love candles and transistor radios and families spending time together instead of being on various technological equipment.
I like unexpected days off from work/school.
I like things that have a specific order. Salt, tequila, lime.
I like having plans, and not having to be indecisive.
I like spontaneously doing stuff when I don't have plans.
I like museums.
I like Publix.
I like looking at other people's floorplans. I like recreating my own floorplans.
I like being the friend that everyone knows in the group.
I like hanging out with people smarter than me, so I can learn things.
I like hanging out with people not as smart as me, so I can feel smart.
I like hanging out with people who are "on my level" so I can constantly challenge myself to "win"
I like winning board games.
I like finding new foods/cuisines that I like.
I like straightening my hair and wearing my glasses, so that I can take a break from being me.
I like finding new authors that I like, and reading everything they ever wrote.
I like thrift stores, pawn shops, and garage sales.
I like it when people need me.
I like the noise of people tiptoeing, trying not to wake someone up.
I like the noise of bare feet in the rain.
I like musicals.
I like camping, camp fires, and putting up tents.
I like the relief of pressure from cracking my back, and from sneezing.
I like pine nuts in my salad.
I like cooking, provided I can share.
I like birthday parties.
I like knowing where I stand.
I like people with perfectly straight teeth.

I don't like it when people complain about things they're unwilling to change. This applies specifically to voting.
I don't like that I am indecisive.
I don't like people who can't do their job.
I don't like the smell of hospitals.
I don't like when people cancel plans at the last minute.
I don't like people calling something "camping" if you're cooking on a stove and sleeping on a bed.
I don't like "Christians"
I don't like people standing right behind me when I'm near a hot stove/oven/dishwasher.
I don't like any flavor of toothpaste except all forms of mint.
I don't like the feeling of not being able to change things.
Tags: meme
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