Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

I appreciate all your answers on what to do with my extra room

aoibhinn -- Library. Get a whole bunch of cheap bookcases and nail them to the walls. Then get a fake fireplace and a big easy chair.

If I decide to put my office in my second bedroom, I will definitely use it as a library as well. If I put my office in my sunroom, there won't be any room for my bookshelf in there, so I will probably put bookshelves in my second bedroom. I think I'll pass on the fake fireplace ;)

lasunshine -- I forgot to submit the first time. Office/ workout room?

Ooh, workout room. It's a grand idea and I SO wish that I could make myself use it if it did exist. I have a still bike I could put in there. I still don't think it's going to get used though.

markitup -- office/ pole dancing practice area

Now this I could get on board with. Pole dancing is supposed to be amazing exercise.

notyou32 -- Library/Den so the TV is not in the living room

I do have issues with the TV in the living room. But then what do I put in my living room? A sofa, a table, and a deck of cards? Hmm.

tevarin -- Office in bedroom, garden in sunroom

This sunroom isn't really garden-tastic. It's really well done with nice flooring, and not something I'd want to spill soil all over. I think I will put a garden outside, though.

masterific -- game room?

Permanent twister, painted on the floor! I will probably store all my board games in here. The room isn't big enough for a pool table or anything like that.

practicalfool -- Torture Room! Chains and such!

Again, being who I am, I have no need for a dungeon or a torture room.

wolfeskitchen -- Armory, or a missle silo... or a petting zoo.

Hmm.. Petting zoo... Hmmm. I do want a pygmy goat, but I think he should hang out outside.
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