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Virginia Tech

I am sickened with each new bit of news that comes to me from Virginia Tech. The killer made tapes and screenplays where it seemed he was planning this out. It's really very creepy. The more I read the worse it gets. So much for hoping this was a bad dream.

I feel guilty when I think to myself that I'm sick of hearing about this. I don't mean that I'm sick of hearing about this because I don't care. I mean that it makes me physically nauseated to hear how demented this guy was, and how he perfectly planned this out. It makes me sick to hear about the students, the ones who died and the ones who mourn, the families of the victims and every person who was attached in some way.

I hope that somewhere out there, everyone knows that lots of people are still good at heart. Anne Frank believed that everyone was still good at heart, but in times like this, it's hard to want to find that good.


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Apr. 18th, 2007 12:50 pm (UTC)
I have to agree, that people are good at heart... the world changes them. Your environment coupled with how your mind decides to deal with it. A person like this isn't necessarily evil but extremely disturbed and obviously needed some serious help. It's a shame that in this country its so easy for these individuals to get their hands on guns to hurt themselves and others.

I'm equally sickened by the tragedy, and its no excuse for what the guy did... but in a country where we are so scared of "terrorism" we have no guts to stand up and stop our own citizens from terrorizing one another. Hopefully (not to say something like this should be abused for platform, but...) this will get gun control on the minds of people this election.
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