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Laptop time

I decided recently that I want a laptop. I have a crappy Dell laptop that's about a million years old and doesn't have a cd rom drive. I used it as a bitch box to run linux back in my techie days, with the help of Rob.

But now I actually want a real laptop. Something awesome, with wireless capabilities (is there any other kind, these days?) so that when I actually go to real classes I can take notes, and so I can bring it to coffee shops while I sip ice water, or at least so I can bring it to my living room.

I'm trying to decide between a Mac and a PC. I grew up on a Mac but haven't really used them much recently, and there's a bunch of stuff on my current computer (that I would still be keeping) that wouldn't translate well. I really do like Macs though, and I believe they are better computers. Also more expensive.

So anyway, I guess I'm looking for suggestions, advice, etc. I wouldn't mind a refurbished computer, and I think that's my only option, financially. If possible I'd like to stay < $600, with OS included.

In my dreams, my laptop is a tablet PC. But let's not even go there.
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