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Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Dinner story

Yesterday was way too long of a day. Work from 7-5 should be enough, but then I had to spend the next two hours very stressed doing my Statistics homework, and the next hour and a half after that in class. And if THAT wasn't enough, my mom invited me over for dinner. Which means that of course, *I* made dinner, exhaustion and all. It turned out well.

During Chanukah, my mother got a present that was a cookbook that was made by one of her friend's church ladies groups in Thomasville. Looking through it we were more than amused. Recipes called for kool-aid, for one. Also, there was this weird stuff they kept mentioning called Ro-tel. We had never heard of it, and never knew what it was. It became a bit of the joke within the family. It was in like, EVERY recipe within the cookbook. Then, later that week when I was out grocery shopping with my sister's boyfriend, we saw it at Publix, and of course had to buy it as a joke. SO it's been sitting in my family's cabinet for the past several months with no real use, except to look at it and laugh.

Last night it was brought up again, in the context of, "Melissa, you should add the ro-tel to the chili." It was said jokingly and we laughed it off. I had been planning on making a nice ground turkey and black bean chili, and didn't really want Ro-tel messing up the south beach classiness that my recipe was. So then I looked up the black bean turkey chili recipe online that I was planning on making. I couldn't find the exact one I had planned to make before, but I did find one.. Yup, with Ro-tel. Coincidence, much?

So I didn't follow that recipe exactly. I don't tend to go for stuff that says "chili seasoning mix" in the recipe, because it seems so.. icky. I prefer to mix my own spices, and I added some other fresh ingredients to the chili (why do these people want everything to come out of a can? gross) I did, however, add Ro-tel to my chili. And it wasn't terrible. My chili actually turned out really well.

However, I will never use it again, because now I feel like I need an unworking car on my lawn and some ducks in my house. And some kool-aid.
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