Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Is the plural of Publix Publices?

Yesterday morning it was 28 degrees outside.
This morning it was 33 degrees outside.

My apartment is messy. I still haven't put laundry away. I have no time. How could I have possibly thought I'd have any time?

I need to shampoo my rug, or at least spot-shampoo.

Publix is fun. I bought Shimmery Nights Flyaway Smoother. I'm a little too excited about it. I also bought both sugar snaps and snap peas. I'm convinced that I like sugar snaps more, but I'm doing a designed experiment to see whether it's worth twice as much. I'm such a dork. And a little link-happy

I miss Adam. Due to him being a good boy and studying, and me being so busy lately, I haven't seen him for almost 36 hours. Sunday night it was because I went to a party, and he had to get to bed early. Yesterday I just didn't even get home till 10 pm, and he was about to go to sleep. Tonight, though. Tonight we cook. And eat. And stay warm :)

I did get to spend some much needed time with Padfoot last night, though. We cuddled all night long. I had been going through some Padfoot withdrawal, so I was very happy to curl up with my black furball. I sang him to sleep last night. Either that or he faked it so I would stop.

I am going to go get my morning ice now.

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