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Friends list

I wrote an entry several years ago listing my friends and how I knew them. My friends list has since changed a TON and I'm going to try it again.

_lionhearted_ - Ariel and I originally met on HOTORNOT, in 2002.
_toesinthesand - see spf8
aharonshual - Aaron is a friend of mine from the University of Florida.
ahuva_thinks - Ahuva randomly commented on a religion-issue in tboneblue's journal almost a year ago.
ajrichar1983 - Adam and I met in prison. I think that's the story we're currently using.
anditut - Andrea and I met summer 02 in Introduction to Music Literature
thebohomama - Candi and I have met once, when baldghoti and I sold her a table, but we've been LJ friends for a year or so now.
aoibhinn - Erin and I met because we were dating a pair of roommates.
bicentennialman Shane and I met when pandora48sch and I accosted him in the food store at State Latin 02.
bigmanoftcc Matt and I met through SCL.
butterflystar86 - see xmellyx
chapstickqueen - I think Gena and I met through an LJ community, but I don't know which. We met in person when she came to services with me for Yom Kippur.
clarinetjet - Jennifer and I were in band in high school together, she was a year ahead of me.
enjoynathaniel - Nate and I met through SCL
fishonfoot - Ken is married to nikita9041
frank - Frank is the livejournal goat.
g8rbabe06 - Kim and I were roommates freshman year
gatorglitter02 - old journal, Aug 02-Feb 03ish
gegenschein - I became friends with her then-boyfriend-now-husband, and then we met. She was also the gainesville moderator.
hoover_vac - Andrew and I went to high school together.
imoanannoid - Naomi is my brother's wife
jd_carter - Jeremiah and I work together, and attended Magnolia School together way back when.
jewnifer Jennifer and I were in USY together
jkrissw Kriss found me on weirdjews about.. a year ago?
jmcptbackfire Jonathan and I met at UF via [Bad username: anditut>] Charles and I were in Godby band together.
katienano2005 - see katiethewriter
katienano2006 - see katiethewriter
katiethewriter - I think Katie and I met on dulljournal and because she was friends with some of my friends in an HP RPG (potterfic!)
katymc50 - Katy is married to jd_carter
kolibri - Erinn is dating notyou32
lasunshine I added Lori from dulljournal
lizblizz Liz and I met through mutual friends at UF
lizlense - see lizblizz
mastergode - Austin joined my short-lived Gainesville Reads bookclub
masterific - I actually have no idea how Eric and I met, just that it was online and that he was a nice Jewish boy.
masterwolf - Aras and I went to middle school together
melprovement - An old journal of mine
metahoss Alan is dating my sister, subjectivity
mostasa151 Matthew is the son of my mom's friend from junior high. We originally remember meeting at Deborah's Bat MItzvah
negativeneve - Stacy is a friend of mine from Gainesville. We met when anditut and I were looking for a third roommate.
newscane - Eric and I were Jews in SCL (except not at the same time). I don't know how we originally met online either.
nikita9041 - Sabrina and I are friends through Godby Marching Band
notyou32 - Clayton and I work together
pandora48sch - Sara and I have been in classes together since 3rd grade.
rberrien28 - Bobby and I have been in classes together since 3rd grade
reamens - I met Justin through SCL in 2002
schnamara - Tamara and I met when she joined my synagogue in 2000ish.
shoshana88 - Rose is my cousin. We met at yellowducks231's Bat Mitzvah (June 05)
silicon_jesus David is just one of those random LJ friends
skipperswedding see spf8
somebodyelse Andrew and I met through an SCL community on LJ
spf8 Lauren was friends with my old roomie g8rbabe06
status - Updates on LJ status
subjectivity Vivi is my older sister
tboneblue Ron found me on okcupid about a year ago
teenonfire4lord Sean and I had mutual friends at UF
tevarin - Matthew is my brother,
theromansgohome Matt was roommates with reamens
unschtroumpf - Liana is my cousin
wolfeskitchen Wolfe is a random LJ friend. Unsure how we met
xmellyx Melissa is of those random LJ friends, but we've been LJ friends for like four years now!
yellowducks231 - Deborah is my little sister
zhartley Zach and I became friends via okcupid
ziemkowski Adrian and I kept seeing eachother on various online sites and then became LJ friends

Also, I made a friends-cut. I don't think anyone will be surprised. It was mainly if we weren't really friends to begin with, or if we never read/commented on each other's entries.

About half my entries are public, still, so feel free to keep me on your list.
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