Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Okay, real update time.

An adorable picture of Kalina, a quick school update and now a real post of sorts.

Last night after class I went to meet Adam, Andy, and Sara at Sahara. I got there a little bit early with the undeniable urge to pee (am I snob if I won't pee at TCC?) so I went in and said I had a reservation there for 8:45, and would they please point me to their bathroom. When I walked out, the two servers pointed me to the table they had set up for us, so I went ahead and sat down, and waited. And waited. I texted Sara that "this place is ador" and she texted back, "you're not even here." Well, I was. Turns out they were all waiting outside for me. Whoops.

Dinner went well. Sara and I exchanged presents. Unfortunately I had left her Christmas present at home, so I bought her her birthday present in between work and school, and gave her that. She gave me my birthday present and my Chanukah present, too. For my birthday, I got an awesome bag that I am going to dub my new "beach bag," The Judgment of Caesar (the newest book in the Roma Sub Rosa series by Steven Saylor -- if you're a classics freak and haven't read these, you should), and another book that I shall not go into detail on. For Chanukah, a porcelain Kermit in a tux. I won't go into detail on what I got Sara, but it's similar to what I got anditut for her 21st. Cough.

The food was awesome. Too bad I wasn't really feeling hungry (I was eating cashews at work all day long). So I ate my salad and brought the rest back home. You'd think I loved leftovers, the way I've been acting. This isn't even some "Make Adam think I'm dainty" scheme, I just haven't been all that hungry.

The evening ended a mere hour after it started, considering the sleep that is needed to function. We left the restaurant at 10 and I was asleep by 11. SCORE! Doesn't mean that it doesn't suck having the alarm go off at 5:30, but it's a lot more manageable when I have more sleep.

And on an entirely different note, not even relating to the bad weather outside...
When it rains, it pours.
Tags: adam, andrea, food, sara
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