Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

In racism news for the day, here's a bit of facebook non-fun.

I joined a facebook group that supports Barack Obama for president. The following events transpired in real-time.

01.21.07 3:47pm Jonathan: in regards to that group you joined, i find it outrageous you would even consider voting for a black for president......just how me and many others feel
01.21.07 3:48pm Melissa: um, WHAT?
01.21.07 6:04pm Jonathan: I didnt mean to be rude or anything i just find the idea of having a black president offensive. But im sorry if i upset you
01.22.07 8:35am Melissa: uh, you did. Why on earth would that be offensive? And FYI, not that it matters at all, but Obama's mother is white.

Jonathan is one of those random friends. From LJ,I think, originally. He was quite boring and I unadded him about three years ago. He's blocked from my AIM because of boredom as well. He wasn't boring me on facebook, but I never dreamed he would say anything like this. I'm a little shaken. I don't have the effort in me to try to straighten out an obviously warped mind. It's not worth it. So now it's time to unfriend on facebook, too. People like this just piss me off.
Tags: political

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