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A real post? shocking

I know, it's like, "where're the pictures, liss?"

They aren't here.

Chanukah came and went very quickly. The second night was the USY Chanukah party, complete with latkes, dreidel, and booty pictures . Other than the USY party, my mom dad, little sister Deborah and I lit candles every night together.

The sixth night the rest of the family showed up. A whole shebang of 'em. My brother Matthew, his wife Naomi, their two year old daughter, Kalina. My sister Vivi, her boyfriend Alan. And all sorts of imaginary friends. The house was bustling and full, it was great. We had fake snow (that stuff's like crack... but you can't smoke it.. or snort it. Don't try!), and about three billion presents. Seriously, I think this year won. We used to each buy each other two gifts each. Somehow as the family grew, that number became too much. So we're cutting down. Seriously, though, our house was covered in presents.

I got most of the stuff I wanted. A bartenders's guide from Padfoot. Some 10 lb weights from Matthew. Pots and pans. Some clothes I picked out months ago and forgot about. A Tallis clip. A mezuzah (which reminds me, I still need to put it up). A picture drawn by Kalina to adorn my living room. Some good books. A bunch of other stuff, too.

Kalina's really smart. She's learning Spanish along with English, thanks to Dora the Explorer, and I think she knows more Spanish than I do. Seriously. Except the only time I ever repeat the number five is in Pretty Fly For a White Guy.

But the best thing about everyone in town was the talking. The arguments during Apples to Apples. Playing Casino. The late night "Debbie likes a boy" conversation. All the freakin' pictures. And the thought that I could come home to my quiet apartment when I needed to. That thought was very comforting, as I've recently discovered that occasionally I like quiet.

Alan taught me some stuff on guitar, which was also really awesome. Apparently my guitar sucks (which I pretty much already knew). I had to cut deeper slits in my bridge so that the (action?) wouldn't be as.. something. Apparently now it's better but still not good. I learned the first seven notes of Banana Pancakes and the first couple chords of Freefallin'. Neither sound good.

The fam left on Christmas morning, and then Deborah and I went out for Chinese and then watched a movie. Yay JEWS! Oh, and I got a free calendar from China Super Buffet. Take that, Katy!

Since that day I haven't really done much. Lots of sleeping late and going to bed late. Lots of reading. Too much time online, for sure. I've got a bit of cabin fever at this point.

I finally decided on what to do for New Years, too. No friend of a friend party. No hanging out with the folks. Just an awesome night at rberrien28's house, complete with champagne and a marching band (but hopefully they won't bring their instruments).

On January 2nd I go back to work. Completely unrelated (and completely outside the work space) I'm changing my name that day. It will be much easier for my mother. She already thinks I'm Deborah and that Deb is Melissa. So we're switching. I wonder if Deb keeps the nickname Dumpster or if it transfers... hmmm.

But back to the work thing. No idea about the payroll job as of yet. We'll see. I won't expect anything, but you can bet I'm crossing fingers and toes.

As for boys/love/whatever, all I am is confused. Hence why I don't really discuss it online. My thoughts don't even make sense, and I have issues I didn't even know could exist.

I guess that's it. That and a bunch of unformed thoughts on Saddam, which again, are too uncoherent to be spoken of.
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