Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

General update

I'm fairly sure I got the job at Kerr & Downs. I should hear back in a couple of days, but I'm confident in my interviewing skills, and I'm certainly qualified for the job.

I made mini quiches with my family last night. They turned out fairly well, and I took some home to eat for breakfast in the mornings. Except I don't even have an extra thirty seconds to go to the refrigerator and throw one into the microwave. I hate mornings.

I also made egg drop soup. I love egg drop soup. Unfortunately mine came out to be disgusting. I couldn't even tell what it was missing. I can tell you, though, that it was obviously not hot enough (it was boiling!) to add the egg, because instead of swirly egg strands, I got like... scrambled egg cooked in water. Gross. I also accidentally spilled a little bit, which Padfoot immediately offered to "clean up" but he made a face and refused to eat it. Ha. That's when you know your egg drop soup sucks. I need CSB's recipe.

I'm making my work-gifts late tonight. I need to go by my parents house and pick up a couple things from over there to make them. I wrote down my gift-list and have at least twenty people to do this for. I got my first present today. I got speakers! Yay! So now I'm special. Except I was special before too :)

I'm having a bit of a Nightmare on Elm Street sort of freakiness. I keep waking up with scratches. There's a large red scratch on my chest I found this morning, and one on my leg from a few days ago, and at least five small scratches on my hands. My nails are neatly trimmed and are probably not doing the scratching. I think I would notice if it were Padfoot, and I have been scratched by him before, but only when we're playing and he's jumping all over me. I'm very confused and slightly alarmed. I guess it's possible that I scratched myself and because it's been so cold, I was slightly numb and didn't realize the scratches till later. The one on my leg could be from shaving I guess, but I think I'd notice at the time, and besides, I haven't cut myself shaving in years. How is this happening?

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