Much like pineapples, I am hardcore. (thisgirliknow) wrote,
Much like pineapples, I am hardcore.

Christmas survey


been north for the holidays?
I don't think I have, actually, in the sense that this question means. We always went south for the holidays, down to Miami or West Palm. I've been to New England several times for Shabbat. Does that count? And to North Georgia for Tisha B'Av... does that count? And Spartanburg for Labor Day. That's a holiday!

seen snow?
Yes, several times. The time that stands out the most is when my father and I drove to North Carolina right after they had had a HUGE blizzard, so everything was covered in snow. But I've seen it other times.

made a snow angel?
Yes. In North Carolina and also in Asheville, I think.

been in a snow fight?
I watched a very entertaining icicle fight between my older siblings.. but I don't think so.

been kissed under mistletoe?
I don't think so. I don't think I've ever even seen actual mistletoe.

taken a sneak peak of your presents?
I'll make this about Chanukah presents.
Only once or twice, and only when I was like, "I have a suspicion that that is gelt, let me find out" -- it was never on anything big.

gotten up before the suns up on christmas day?
You know... I don't actually know. Or care.

gone caroling?
Heck yeah I have. I love caroling. Christmas carols, sure, but have you ever gone caroling at 3 am in a retirement community... on Passover? Cause I have.

gone sledding?
No, but it seems like a childhood memory that everyone should have. I never really had the chance.

stayed up all night waiting for Santa to come?
*Cough*tear* Santa never came

listened to christmas music by the fire with hot chocolate?
I really don't know. It's possible.

watched the 24 hour marathon of The Christmas Story?

had a Charlie Brown Christmas tree?
I've never had a Christmas tree at all.

cut your own tree down?


drink eggnog or hot chocolate?
I dislike both but will drink either at holiday time.. just 'cause.

what about apple cider?
I hate it even more then the above two, and I won't drink it at all.

do alot of baking?
I don't do any more baking at Christmas time than I do any other time of year. I probably bake less than the average housewife but more than the average 22 year old.

open any presents Christmas Eve?
Chanukah falls over Christmas fairly often... so yes, definitely.

open gifts in the morning or at night?
We always open gifts at night, all 8 nights.

eat turkey or ham?
Definitely not ham, but I suppose it's fairly unlikely we'd eat turkey either.

go to someone else's house?
There are eight nights. Most of the time we have other people over, but occasionally we do Chanukah somewhere else for one night.

open stockings first or last?
I never open stockings. But generally I save my crappier presents (ooh! a dreidle!) to open alongside a larger present.

have a favorite tradition?
Singing/Reading after we light the menorah, doing age-order, etc.

Decorate the inside and outside?
In my dorm room we had Christmas lights up year-round. But no.

put up decorations as a family?
You mean taping up the Happy Chanukah sign? Nah. Generally I do that alone.

know the 12 days of Christmas?
I think I do, but it would take awhile.

watch the parade?
not since I marched in one.

go and watch plays?
no. There aren't really any non-Christian-themed plays on at Christmas.. and I don't really care to see Nativity plays.

go shopping on black friday?
I did this year. At 5 am. I'm crazy.

keep in mind the real reason for Christmas through the season?
I wish other people would. And I wish people wouldn't make a big deal out of Chanukah. It's minor, people. Minor.

listen to Crosby, Cole, Sinatra or the re-makes?
I don't like the remakes, but I LOVE old Christmas music. My ancestors and distant relatives did a great job, huh.

go to christmas parties?
Other than "holiday" parties during class throughout elementary school, this year will be my first Christmas party.


White Christmas, Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire (whats the actual name of that song?), Let it Snow, Winter Wonderland

gift you ever got?
My flute. Definitely.

Finding out that my baby-sitters club doll was actually rollerblades.

holiday drink?
Anything pepperminty has me breathing it in.

Meet me in St Louis.

food for the holidays?
Let's see. I hate latkes. I dislike gelt. So none. I do like candy canes, but only the original peppermint flavor.

place to be?
cozy in parents living room, with my entire family around me.

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